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Something wonderful for everyone

Nepal is a fantastic and fascinating country that appeals to visitors of all ages. It lies between the high Himalaya mountains and the steamy Indian plains.
The country has a lot to offer: great natural beauty – the jungle, the Himalayas – highest snow mountains in the world, several old beautiful cities, age-old temples, – a large number of ethnical tribes, adventure – from rafting to paragliding –, and culture – Hinduism and Buddhism.
You will be amazed if you encounter the people with their beautiful smile that comes straight from their heart.

2500 years ago it was the birthplace of lord Buddha.
It is also the country who still has a living Goddess, the kumari and the legend of the yeti of course.

Pramod was born and raised in Nepal. The Nepalese culture and lifestyle have no secrets for him. He has more than 9 years of experience in the tourist sector, more specifically in trekking.

Maaike lost her heart to Nepal in 2009 when she was on a sabbatical and travelled to Asia. She felt in love with its warm-hearted people, its stunning nature, its rich culture, … . Ever since she visited the country every year and she dreams of living there in the future. With Tarayogini she has been organizing yoga and meditation journeys in Asia.

Also the volunteer work she did in Nepal did have a large impact on her life. She created the Project ‘ a Warm Heart for Nepal ‘ after the earthquake in 2015, and Tara Himalayan Vision donates 5% of its profits to to help rebuilding schools.

Pramod and Maaike got to know each other in the little forbidden kingdom Mustang. It is a gem of the trekkings with is amazing nature and its authentic atmosphere.

Our mission is to help you discover the hidden gems of Nepal and to take you there while respecting the local culture and the wonderful nature.

Follow us as we soon will organise trips to Upper Dolpa – Rara lake and Limi Valley.

We can help you to discover Nepal