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Find Inspiration for Your Next Custom-Made Trip

Tara Himalayan Vision plan your trip according to your budgetary preferences, your interests and your fitness level.

A spiritual travel experience can include many different things: heart-warming encounters with local people, being wowed by the amazing mountains, reconnecting with yourself at unique and authentic places, meditating in places with a spiritual vibe and strong energy levels, practicing Tibetan Yoga in nature, finding your inner leader during a leadership program, immersing yourself in the ancient wisdom of different religions, ….

Whatever your interest, budget or religion, Tara Himalayan Vision listens to your needs and develops a journey you will never forget.

Scroll down to get inspired for your next trip to the Himalayas.

Free Your Mind of Worries in the Unforgettable Himalayas

The tranquillity of the Himalayas is unique in the world. Experience the stillness of the mountains and surrender to the peaceful atmosphere. The breath-taking scenery of the Himalayas will force you to slow down and will bring you closer to your true nature.

Tara Himalayan Vision offers trekking options for all levels.

Practice meditation or yoga in sacred caves or on temple courtyards, while you enjoy wonderful views of the majestic mountains. Connect with yourself and renew your energy.

Heart-Warming Encounters

The Himalayas have even more to offer than awe-inspiring views and a stunning natural beauty. If you are a traveller who is looking for authenticity and connection, you won’t be disappointed. You will meet local people and their warmth and openness will leave unforgettable impressions.

The Nepalese culture and lifestyle has no secrets for Pramod. He belongs to the Tamang Tribe, he grew up in the country-side and he knows all about the local people’s way of life. During the nine years he has been working as a guide in about every part of Nepal, he got to know the habits and the culture of most of the other tribes too. He is happy to tell you all about the 90 different tribes in Nepal, the way they cook, dress, celebrate their festivals, the kind of music they love and so much more.

Would you like to experience the Nepalese lifestyle yourself?

Tara Himalayan Vision offers home stays with Nepalese families.


Discover Unique Spots Away from Mass Tourism

Tara Himalayan Vision knows Nepal very well and takes you to the most unique and authentic places.

Pramod can guide you through Mustang or Purang, for instance, two magical places where nature and culture work together to keep a very old tradition alive.

Maaike has a passion for Buddhism and is able to show you some unique places with a spiritual vibe and strong energy levels, as well as the best places to enjoy wellness and relaxation while you are overlooking the Himalayas.

Tara Himalayan Vision also organises trips to other Himalayan countries, where we work with excellent local partners who know the region inside out.

Tell us about your wishes and your interests, and we will find your dream destination and develop a travel programme fully tailored to your needs.


Discover Ancient Wisdoms

Tara Himalayan Vision explores the ancient wisdom you can find within every religion. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of Tibetan Tantrayana Buddhism, Maaike can tell you which temples or stupas you need to see on your trip. She can show you some wonderful sacred places, like the caves dedicated to Vajrayogini, an important deity in Tantrayana Buddhism, tell you which temple courtyards you can go to practice yoga or show you in which of Guru Rinponche’s secret caves you can meditate, just like the great masters did.

Are you dreaming of taking a personal retreat? We will find you the perfect place to make it happen.

Visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha and make a stop at one of the four highlights for Buddhist pilgrims. It is also possible to do a bike trip around the Buddhist monasteries.

Tara Himalayan Vision has been chosen to organise the pilgrimage to Tulku Lobsang Rinponche in Nepal in 2018.


Embark on an Adventure…

Tara Himalayan Vision offers trekking options for all levels. Pramod has more than 9 years of experience in guided treks all over Nepal, from the eastern to the western part of the country and up to 6,500 meters.

Would you like to explore the jungle by taking a walk through Chitwan or Bardia National Park? Or maybe you would like to discover the Himalayas by bike? Ask us about our mountain bike tours for various levels: easy, medium or advanced.

Are you a daredevil, then you might like to go paragliding at Pokhara, bungee jumping or rafting on the white wild rivers? Nepal has a wide range of activities to offer to adventurous travellers, from rock climbing to canoeing or even ice climbing.

We work together with professionals who have years of experience in their field of expertise or their sports discipline.


Experiencing the Himalayas, the original way

Do you want to stay at the home of a local family, experience the authentic Nepalese lifestyle or discover how nomad really live? How about a camping trip to the holy lake, where you sleep in a yurt? Or maybe you prefer a more comfortable stay when you are travelling?

We offer stays on unique locations, in resorts far away from mass tourism but still within budget. Allow yourself some pampering in a 5-star hotel with a massage or a cocktail while you overlook the Himalayas or enjoy the beauty of nature in one of the lodges located in the national parks, where you can take a walk through the jungle or show your children how to treat elephants in a respectful way.

Whatever experience or whatever kind of view you are looking for, discuss it with us.



City tours

For city-lovers we offer tours in Nepal’s 3 main cities:

Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, has so much to offer in terms of culture, history and food, that it is certainly worth a long visit.

In Bhaktapur, a medieval city in Kathmandu, you can walk around the famous Bhaktapur Durbar Square and visit famous attractions such as Lion Gate, the picture gallery, the Golden Gate, Potter’s Square, and the 55 Window Palace.

Stroll through Patan and observe the locals as they go about their daily lives. Your guide will tell you all about its architecture and fine arts and take you to the residence of the former Patan royal family.

Another city worth visiting is Phokara, with its spectacular view of the mountains and the lake. It is also the gateway to the world-famous treks in and around the Annapurna range.