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Buddhist travels

Don’t just go and see Buddhist places, but experience them.

Tara Himalayan Vision explores the ancient wisdom of all religions. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of Tibetan Tantrayana Buddhism, Maaike can tell you which temples or stupas you need to see on your trip.

Explore wonderful Buddhist sites in Nepal such as the birthplace of lord Buddha or sites of the famous Tantrayana deity Vajrayogini, or travel to old, authentic and hidden Buddhist places like Mustang, Dolpa, …

Let yourself be guided by a Tantrayana practitioner who can explain to you the meaning of hidden esoteric symbols. Meditate in one of the many secret caves of Guru Rinponche, where many great masters meditated before you. Or learn Tibetan yoga on a Buddhist temple’s courtyard.

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in Nepal, Ladakh, Tibet and Bhutan