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Come closer to yourself with a Yoga and Meditation Journey


Maaike has many years of experience teaching yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. For several years she has been training Lu Jong teachers, Tibetan Healing Yoga, Tog Chod teachers, sword yoga and mindfulness teachers. She is very knowledgeable about Tibetan Buddhism and trains coaches in Buddhist Psychology.


With Tara Himalayan Vision, you will be able to enjoy these spiritual practices at unique places. Enjoy meditation in the majestic mountains or in sacred caves and practice yoga in the courtyards of wonderful temples or stupas. Maaike’s passion is to bring people closer to their true nature and to help them discover inner joy. Let the amazing nature of the Himalayas inspire you to slow down and renew your energy levels.

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Maaike is an experienced Lu Jong Tog Chod, Tsa Lung and Mindfulness educator in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang. Next to that she also trains people in knowledghe of Buddhist Psychology.

Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga

Lu Jong is an old Tibetan practice of the tradition of  Tantrayana and Bön. It is based on Tibetan medicine, which assumes that diseases are the consequence of an imbalance of the elements or humours. Through the combination of position, movement and breath Lu Jong can open physical channels and blocks in a soft way and mobilize misdirected energy. In this way our physical health, mental clarity and vitality are improved.

Tog Chöd, the wisdom sword

Tog Chöd is a combination of powerful physical exercises which are done with a wooden sword. The goal of the exercises is to reduce fear and expectation, to dissolve mental imprints and overcome negative emotions. Tog Chöd is a powerful technique for overcoming the state of thinking und for remaining in a quiet state of mind. This makes it an ideal practice before meditation.

Tsa Lung, traditional breathing exercises

Maaike can learn you Tsa Lung breathing exercises from the Tantrayana tradition are called. Tsa means channel, lung means breath. Yogis who are living in the mountains have been using these secret exercises for thousands of years. The exercises help to clean our channels and free them from old patterns and emotions to come closer to our true nature.

Find Stillness with Mindfulness Meditation

During our travels we also make time to practice calm abiding meditation – also called Vipassana or mindfulness meditation – to bring peace and stillness to the mind. Maaike can explain you how to train  your mind in nine stages and to get to know your true nature.

Get an inside in how your mind is functioning with Buddhist Psychology

During our travels we also make time to talk about how are mind is function and the 51 different mental stadiums.

We talk how we can use them to influence our life in a positive way.

Explaination about Bhuddism and the esoteric symbols

When we are a different temples and caves, Maaike will give you more information about the Buddism in general and the secret symbols used and their hidden ‘tantric’ meaning.