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Custom travel in Tibet

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Discover authentique Tibet


Tibet a country that speak to the imagination of many people.

It is the root of Tibetan Buddhism and it was hidden for long time in the Himalayan mountains.

However nowadays it is not so easy to travel to Tibet.

And even if you get a visa, most of the tours aren’t guided by Tibetan guides.

If you really want to experience what is left of the original Tibet.

That means you need to visit next to the highlights of the country, also the paths that are lesser travelled by tourist.

That is the only way to have a glimpse of the real Tibet and therefore you need Tibetan guides.

We work together with a Tibetan travel agency to work out your dream travel to Tibet.


A glimpse of the possibilities we offer:

Cultural tour

Tibet has a very unique culture which is much related to their faith, Buddhism, that is all about love and compassion to all living beings.

Every village and town has temples and monasteries.

Their life stykes are simple nad down to earth, close with their families and relatives.

We can arrange a tour where you can meet local people and visit their houses, and even have a meal with them.

  • 5 days Lhasa tour
  • 11 days Shoton festival
  • 9 days Lhasa – Gyangtse – Shigatse – Namtso – Yangbachen Tour
  • 10 days Nomads life experience
  • 12 days Jye Kundo Overland Tour

Pilgrimage and retreat tours

Tibet has one of the most famous Buddhist Pilgrimage and retreat places, there will be hundreds of Tibetans doing pilgrimage all-round the year.

When you are there you can see how the Tibetans practice their religion.

There is also a possibility to do a retreat with monks or nuns in the temples and monasteries at their holy places.

  • 15 days Kailash Kora Tour
  • 10 days Namtso Kora
  • 10 days Kham Shangria Tour
  • 7 days Pilgrimage to Amdo

Motorbike and Cycling Tours

A golden opportunity to see, feel and enjoy Tibet’s most beutiful landscapes, snow mountains, local villages and scenario by travelling by cycle or motor bike.

  • 15 days Qinghai to Mount Everest Motorbike tour
  • 8 days Cycling and car tour from Lhasa to Everest

Climbing Expedition

We have a wide range of climbing expeditions that will suits for aswell starters as profession climber’s.

Our team exist of very professional mountain guides, who did a few time the summit of Everest.

  • 8 days Yuzhu Peak Summit
  • 15 days Mount Yuzhu Peak Summit
  • 17 days Mount Muztagata Summit

Trekking and Photography tours

Trekking around in the most mysterious and beautiful landscapes, capturing unique photos.

There are endless grasslands, mountain ranges, magical lakes, and sacred monasteries, go wondering around the most characteristic markets and meeting warm hearted Tibetans.

  • 11 days trekking Namtso and Everest
  • 14 days Everest Adventure Base Camp trekking
  • 10 days Trekking from Ganden-Samye Monastery
  • 15 days Kailash Kora Tour
  • 15 days Karma Gorge Valley Trekking


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    Custom travel in Tibet


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Enjoy the beautiful Tibet

o Lhasa, the capital of Tibet
o Amdo, nomad places
o route from Tibet to Nepal, across the Himalaya
o Kailash, the holy mountain in Asia
o Old monasteries
o ....