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Balance Body, Mind & Life Retreat

Balance Body, Mind & Life Retreat

per person

In “The reinforce your inner compass Retreat” or ‘balance body, mind and Life Retreat” we work with old Tibetan Buddhist technics.

Is there a higher aim then to be healthy, to be happy and to be content with your live?To achieve this, we need to be working on the so-called “Three Wealth’s”.These are “Wealth of the Body”, “Wealth of the Mind” and “Wealth of Life”. Most people are not aware that all three aspects are equally important. They try to live healthily and are mainly content with their lives but nonetheless many people are not really happy. This is because the importance of the mind is often overlooked. For this reason, this program covers all three “Wealth’s”, with special attention given to the mind and it’s amazing power.

For every teaching’s module, wealth, we have chosen a specific place in Nepal that fit with what we want to integrate.

We start our Retreat in a monastery in Kathmandu where we are going to give the introduction teaching.

We will be part of the monastic rituals and life and have so a good start of our journey within.

Read all about the different topics we work and the locations in our itinerary.

Your teacher is Maaike, who is an experienced educator in Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga, Buddhist Psychology, Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation, Sword Yoga and General Mindfulness.
She is already educated more then 10 years and trained more then 70 teachers.


Kathmandu- Nepal


6 oct –19 oct 2023

total 14 days


max 1.400 m


Yoga level

Lu Jong – Tibetan Healing Yoga
Tsa Lung, Breathing Yoga
Tog Chod, sword yoga

Discover Tibetan Buddhist knowledge as Buddhist Psychology, Lo Jong and meditation

Group Size

min 6 – max 12

(end of july, or before, we decide if the travel can be confirmed)

Price for the travel:

Double  2.185 dollar
(only possible if you have a roommate or another person register with us for a double room)

Single    2.750 dollar

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teaching fee Maaike – 500 euro


Begin and end


Highlights of this travel

o Stay and sleep in the hotel of a Tibetan Monastery.
We are not only going to experience monastic life but with our stay we also support a good cause.
Hundred percent of the profit of the hotel goes to support to the monastery. To provide the monks from little things — school supplies, healthy snacks, sports activities, a bed to sleep in, to the big things — shelter, clothes, healthy vegetarian food, clean water, medical facility and primarily basic education and Buddhist philosophy to spread Buddha dharma and to benefit society. At present, there are about 150 monks from age 9 to 65 in the Monastery.

o Learn methods to reinforce your balance and be in charge again of your life.

o Stay on places in Nepal where the energy empowers your process.




  • Destination
  • Included
    Balance Body, Mind & Life Retreat
Day 1: Arrival in KTM

We will arrange a pick-up for you at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

Afterwards we will bring you to your hotel.
We are guest in the hotel of a Tibetan Kagyu Monastery.
The hotel is situated in the compound of the Monastery, so we are part of the monastic life.
The location of our hotel is around the famous and beautiful stupa of Boudhanath.
This is the largest stupa in Asia, and a very important Buddhist pilgrimage place.
The best time to visit the stupa is in the late afternoon, when the elderly Tibetan and Nepali Buddhist people stroll down to the stupa to do the Kora around the stupa. To light butter lamps, spin prayer wheels, chant mantras and socialize.
Around the stupa are also many shops where you can find more Buddhist orientated gifts.

In the evening we will have a welcome dinner on a nice roof terrace from where we are going to have a stunning stupa view.
The briefing of our retreat and our daily schedule will also be given after dinner.

Our hotel Dolma Ling- part of a Tibetan Kagyu  Monastery

We are not only going to experience monastic life but with our stay we also support a good cause.
Hundred percent of the profit of the hotel goes to support to the monastery. To provide the monks from little things — school supplies, healthy snacks, sports activities, a bed to sleep in, to the big things — shelter, clothes, healthy vegetarian food, clean water, medical facility and primarily basic education and Buddhist philosophy to spread Buddha dharma and to benefit society. At present, there are about 150 monks from age 9 to 65 in the Monastery.

Day 2 - Kathmandu:

This morning we start the day with attending the morning rituals, praying, and chanting together with the monks.
The morning prayers start at 5 AM until 6:30 AM.




After our breakfast we start with our " Reinforce your inner compass retreat".
We start with an introduction teaching about the three wealth’s, wealth of the body - mind and life.
This teaching will take place in the gompa of the monastery.
We learn also about the interconnection between these three wealth’s.
The outcome of our retreat is to design the life you want and what you need to get there.
We are going to do that by written our own books: the book of the past - the present and the future and also the book of your path.
To design the life you are dreaming off you need to know what is your current life.
To understand our current life you need to investigate your past life.
In the introduction day we make a start with this project "if you can dream it - you can make it".

After this inspiring morning we have time to refresh, and we will have lunch together.

After our lunch we will explore the area around Boudhannath Stupa.

Boudhannath Stupa

We start with a walk from our hotel towards the stupa.
We start with an explanation about the history about the largest stupa of Asia as an explanation of the elements and the building of a stupa.

Afterwards we make a kora,  three times walking clockwise around the Stupa, while we recite the mantra 'om mani padme hum'.

Afterwards we take the stairs up to visit the first floor of the pavement path around the stupa.
From here we can have a nice overview of the how the Buddhist people performing their rituals and prostrations.
We will take time to learn ourselves how to do a prostration and learn all the symbolic explanation about this holly practice.
One prostration is equal as doing the five exercise of the Lu Jong.
We will perform twenty-one prostrations in front of Asia largest stupa. A very sacred moment.

Afterwards we will take the time to visit the most important monasteries around the stupa.
We will visit the Tamang monastery, Shechen Gompa, …

Day 3 - Kathmandu - Pokhara:

Today is a travel day.
After breakfast we will take the tourist buss and start our travel to Pokhara where we will work around the wealth of the body.
The distance between Kathmandu to Pokhara is only 200 km, yet it will take around 6 to 7 hours.
We will take lunch on the way in a nice restaurant with view on the river.

Once we arrive in Pokhara we will take the boat to transfer the phewa lake and check-in our nice hotel "THE PAVILIONS HIMALAYAS LAKEVIEW".

From here we have a nice view on the Himalaya Range.









Day 4-5-6 - Pokhara

After our breakfast we will take a hike from around 3 hours to go to the other property Pavilions the Farm.
Our hike will take us through local villages so we see daily life - we will pass the World Peace pagode from where we will have a nice view on the Anapurna Range.

When we desend from the Pagoda we will walk through the forest and village.

After three hours we will arrive at our new destination Pavilions the Farm.

The place is perfect suited to integrate all the technics we learn about the "wealth" of the body.
Here we will spend 3 days.

Our main focus the next three days is "WEALTH OF YOUR BODY" - Your Health

In the first part of our retreat we focus on the Wealth of your Body, in other words on your physical health. We introduce you to unique body movement techniques that make your body stronger, healthier and more vital. At the same time these exercises balance your emotions, boost your energy level and reduce the physical symptoms of stress.

Our daily schedule will be:

7:30 - 8:15: morning practice in the nice yoga space
10:00-13:00: Learning methods and wisdom about the wealth of the body
Lunch and free-time
17:00 - 18:45: Integrate the methods by practicing together 

In the freetime you can explore the are around the farm.
This location is so unique - the hotel is situated in the middle of the local village.






Day 7: Pokhara - Lumbini

What would be a better place in the world to learn about the wealth of the mind then Lumbini the place where Buddha was born.

After breakfast we will go to the airport of Pokhara to take our flight to the south of Nepal, Lumbini.
Afterwards we will check-in at Buddha Maya Gardens Resort.
The rest of the day you have free time to spend.
In the evening we will have dinner together in the restaurant of our hotel.

Day 8 - 10 - Lumbini

Our main focus the next three days is "WEALTH OF YOUR MIND" - Happiness

In the second part of our retreat, we help you to achieve happiness by working with your mind.
You learn to understand the mind, reduce your stress level and deal with your emotions.
We teach you how to train your mind, expand your awareness and thereby start a change inside yourself.
The more you work with your mind, the more it is able to achieve. This way you can create your own happiness.

Our daily schedule will be:
7:30 - 8:15: morning practice
10:00-13:00: Learning methods and wisdom about the wealth of the mind

14:30 -17:30: we will discover the are around Lumbini and will meditate on powerfull places.
Day 8:

Maya Devi Temple

In many ways, the story of Buddhism all begins in Lumbini, under a full moon more than 2600 years ago. It was on that night that Queen Mayadevi is said to have stopped here during her travels to give birth to a son, Prince Siddhartha, who would find enlightenment and become Buddha 35 years later.

Legend says Queen Mayadevi bathed in a pond and lay down under a tree in Lumbini Garden before the birth.

For visitors, Lumbini is an incredibly spiritual place, and the tranquility of the site is felt the strongest in the Sacred Garden that surrounds the central Mayadevi Temple. A large water feature, said to be the same pond where Prince Siddhartha was given his purification bath, reflects the trees of the garden. Prayer flags hang from the branches and gently sway in the breeze as worshippers sit below in deep meditation. For pilgrims who have made the long journey to get here, this is the moment they have been travelling towards.

After our visit to the sacred garden we come back to the hotel for our dinner.

Day 9:

West Monastic Zone

Today we will take the bicycles to discover the area.

We start with our cycling ride to the peace flame.

From here we start to discover the monasteries of the West Monastic Zone consists of monasteries that follow the Mahayana school of Buddhism. There are currently 14 monasteries.
Stepping inside each of the monasteries is almost like being transported to a new country. In the large Chinese Monastery, a golden pagoda is at the center of a manicured garden, with gateways guarded by statues. While at the South Korean Monastery, the tall and colorful façade of the temple gives way to a strikingly minimalist interior.

In the center of the West Monastic Zone is a lake, around which you’ll find several interesting monasteries. The most striking of these is the Great Lotus Stupa, sponsored by Germany, with has an intricately painted interior and a large garden full of decorations.

Day 10: In the afternoon you have some free time. Around 17:00 we will go to Maya Devi Garden to do a ritual and meditation to end our part wealth of the mind.

Day 11 Lumbini - Kathmandu

After breakfast we will go the airport to take the flight back to Kathmandu.

We will arrive around lunch in our hotel, Dormaling Boutique hotel.
In the afternoon we start with our last part "WEALTH OF YOUR LIFE" - Contentment
The third part of our retreat teaches you how to achieve deep contentment with your life. You look into the relationships that you have with yourself and others and learn how to improve them. We teach you how to train your mind in order to achieve the things that you want in life. And we help you to develop the qualities that enable you to lead from within.

Day 12: Kathmandu

Today we will work further on our topic "WEALTH OF YOUR LIFE" - Contentment.

In the evening we will go to the Boudhanath Stupa and do a Kora.

Day 13 Kathmandu

We are at the end of the retreat.
In the morning we do a conclusion teaching.
After lunch I will take you to a special energetical temple in Patan where we meditate together and get blessed before our travel home.

In the evening we have a fare-well dinner on a rooftop terrace around the stupa.

Day 14 Flying home

If you want to extend your retreat with a travel through Nepal, we will be happy to help you.

If today is the day your flying home, we will take you to the airport.


Value For Money


o Write and design the book of your life 

o Get education of an experienced Teacher, Maaike has more than 10 years’ experience in educating teachers.
She educate in Tibetan Healing Yoga, the Tibetan Five Element Practice, Sword yoga, Traditional Shamatha Teacher Training, Buddhist Psychology - wisdom for daily life.

o Visit the most scared Buddhist place around Kathmandu



Double room:  2.185 dollar (only possible if you register with a roommate or another person register with us for a double room)

Single room:    2.750 dollar

Extra: teachingfee to Tarayogini (Maaike) for the guidance.

We need min 6 participants to run this trip.
At the latest end of july we can confirm if the trip will be confirmed.

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The teachingfee is an extra of 500 euro this has to be payed at Maaike (Tarayogini-België).
An invoice is possible.

You can book this tour in our booking form - see at the side bar "Book travel"



  • All meals are included (water is included with the meal other drinks are on your expenses)
  • Flemish speaking guide.
  • All entrance fees of sightseeing
  • Pick-up and drop-off airport
  • All transport as mentioned (two flights Pokhara-Lumbini, and Lumbini-Kathmandu)
  • Our stay in the hotels as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All the teaching
  • A manual of 100 pages to support the education

Not included:

  • Flight ticket in and out Nepal (Europe – Nepal and back)
  • Nepali Visa
  • Personal Travel Insurance (cover your adventure activity as well as medical, emergency evacuation and personal belongings). It is imperative to be insured with suitable cover
  • Personal medical supplies and vaccinations
  • Personal expenses such as phone bills, room service charges, porter age, bar bills (meals exclude bottle and alcohol drinks), tips to guides, porters and drivers, laundry
  • Expenses incurred during emergency evacuation due to any reason
  • Optional tours, excursions and activities
  • The teachingfee is additional to be payed to Tarayogini - 500 euro. You can register here.
  • Any item not detailed in the “What Is Included”

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